Baladev Jew Temple of Kendrapara district

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Baladev Jew Temple is located at Kendrapara district of Odisha. Also
this place is known as Tulasi Khetra. This temple same rites &
rituals of Lord Jagannath at Puri that’s why the temple is much
attractive. The temple is getting much more popularity in Odisha and the
temple main divinity is Lord Balarama. But lord Jagannath and Subhadra
being worshiped in Ratna sinhasan in the main temple. This temple is one
of the best temple of Odisha. This temple is following the look of Puri
Sri Mandir, it is increasing the importance of the temple.

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About Architecture of this Temple

An Aruna Stambha standing in front of the temple that height is 40ft.
The Baladev Jew Temple constructed with total area of 2 acres. The main
temple or Sri Mandir height is 75ft or 23meter and wide is 40ft or
12meter. In the main temple having 7 steps and constructed with
baulamalia stone. The main temple is known as Bada Deula or Sri Mandir.
At the top of the temple Brahma Nilachakra situated and White flag is
fluttering. The main temple is giving an amazing experience. The middle
temple is shorter than the main temple and it is being constructed with
5step traditional architecture. The Garuda Stambha is inside of the
Jagamohan. The lion & elephant statues are situated in front of the
Batamandir. Also Navagraha statues are situated in Batamandir. Also in
inside of Batamandir or Mukhashala lord Sri Hanuman murti situated
their. Also some other deities are present in this temple name are Sri
Sudarsan, Sri Govinda Jew, Devi Mahalaxmi, Balgopal and Shalagrama.
Apart from this temple an boundary around the temple and the boundary
height is 46ft.

Baladev Jew Temple of Kendrapara district

Their are many other temples are present inside the boundary. Some
temples names are Laxmi Mandira, Ganesh mandir, Bhairabi Mandir, Sri Ram
mandir, NabaGraha Mandir and many more temples. Also their are many
mandaps are present inside the boundary. The temple is constructed
traditional way that is best point of this place. Mostly this temple is
one of the best place of Odisha.


The temple main festival is  Rath Yatra. In this festivals thousands of
people are joining to celebrating this festival. Also this festival is
one of the best Festival of odisha. Mostly this festival also getting
much more popularity in all over India.

Rituals of this Temple

The temple lord Baladevjew, Lord Jagannath and Goddess Subhadra wearing
different style costumes in different seasons. The temple goddess
traditional costumes is known as “Besha”. The temple god besha’s are Sri
Raghunatha Besha, Padma Besha, Gamhabhisheka Besha, Pushyabhisheka
Besha, Kanchi Kaveri Besha, Suna Besha, Krishna Balarama Besha and
Dwibinda banara besha. Mostly this is one of the most popular point of
this temple. Mostly in this temple many types of sanskrit pandits are

Temple Daily Puja

In every day the temple arranged Naivedya like sakala dhupa, madhhyanna
dhupa, dwiprahara dhupa, sandhya aarati, nisankhudi dhupa and
badasinghar dhupa. Also their are many other puja being arranged.

How to Visit

Road ways : All types of road travel facilities are connected to this place.

Rail ways : Nearest railway station in Kendrapara then you can easily visit this place.

Air ways : Nearest airport is Bhubaneswar then you can visit this place.

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