Bhimkund waterfall of Odisha

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Bhimkund waterfall is located at the Bajna village in Chhatarpur
district. This waterfall is situated in the center position of Kendujhar
and Mayurbhanj districts. This waterfall is an natural water tank that
is creating the place of beauty. This waterfall is presenting the
historical moments of Odisha. Mostly this place is one of the place of
scenic beauty and one of the best tourist place of Odisha. As per local
peoples are say that In 2004 year the Bhimkund waterfall water level
soar about 30 meter in the last Tsunami hit.

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As per historical moments Hindu epic Mahabharata being links to this
place with Pandavas. Mostly Pandavas stronest brother Bhim being hitting
the ground then create a Gada and after water is surged out & pool
became into being. Also this story is one of popular historical story of
Odisha. As per moments the Pandavas five brothers are bath in this
reservoir then after this place is name as Bhimkund. The waterfall is
also representing the Hindus most popular moments that is really an
knowledgeable attractive point of this place. This place is also one of
the best tourist place of Odisha. The pool is indigo blue and all the
walls are red stones.

Bhimkund waterfall

Mostly the kund structure is like underground cave and it is 30 meter
from the mouth. This place in the left entrance and Shivalinga is their
and the kund opening is small cave. This kund creating another
attractive point of this place and most peoples are coming to this place
to see the Kunda. Also their is an interesting fact is that where
Pandavas are go through this kund. Also another legend name connected to
this place name is  Narad Muni being performed in this place an
Gandharva Gayan for Lord Vishnu. The God Vishnu being emerged in this
kund then the water color turned to blue due to Vishnu’s dark
complexion. Also the pool name is Neel kund and Narad kund after the
sage. In January month of every year an festival celebrated in  this

How to Visit

Road ways : All types of road travel facilities are connected to this place and it is just 100 km from Keonjhar.
Rail ways : All types of rail ways facilities are connected to this place.
Air ways : Nearest airport is Bhubaneswar then you can easily visit to this place.

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