Duduma Waterfall of Odisha

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Duduma Waterfall is located at Koraput district of Odisha. The waterfall
also popularly known as Matsya Tirtha. The waterfall is originally
located in Ankadeli village of Koraput district. Also the waterfall is
one of the best tourist attraction of this place. Duduma Waterfall in
the year 1941 firstly fallen from the hill. The Duduma Waterfall falls
on a river Machkund that is an famous tourist spot of Odisha. Also this
place is creating an boundary between Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

Duduma waterfall

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The Duduma Waterfall have two sub waterfalls that is one in Odisha and
another in Andhra Pradesh side. An hydro – electric project is being
developed using the water. The project is popularly known as Machkund
Hydro Electric Power Project. The waterfall height is from ground level
is 175 meters that is amazing eye catching attraction of this place. In
side of the place the tribe of ‘Bondas” are living their. Also an
natural forest inside the place that is best for natural lovers to get
real experience from this place. In the Ankadeli village an market is
their where all types of tribal instruments are available.

Near Best Places

1) Gupteswar
2) Dumuriput
3) Nandapur

How to Visit

Road ways : It is just 77km from the Koraput district and 200 km from
Visakhapatnam. From this place all types of road travel facilities are

Rail ways : Also all types of rail facilities are available to this place.

Air ways : Nearest airport is Bhubaneswar then you can use road or rail ways to visit this place.

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