Famous Tourist Places in Jagatsinghpur District

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Jagatsinghpur District is much more popular for best tourist places of
Odisha. In this district many famous Hindu temples, tourist places and
many more attractive places are their. Are you searching Best tourist
spots in Jagatsinghpur District then just find here to visit to your
favorite place. Mostly this place is famous for Best new year Picnic
spot of Odisha.

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Jagatsinghpur Tourism

Tourist Places in Jagatsinghpur District

Sarala Pitha : This temple deity is Godess Sarala and this is one of the famous temple of Jagatsinghpur District.

Gada Kujanga : The temple deity is Kunja Behari and this temple is one of the famous temple of this district.

Paradeep Port : This is an major sea port of India. Also an amazing beauty present inside this place.

Chandapur : The famous temple complex of Lord Raghunath Jew and Lord Chandrasekhar.


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