Khandadhar Waterfall of Sundergarh District

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Khandadhar Waterfall is situated at Sundergarh district of Odisha. The
waterfall is famous for her natural beauty. Also the waterfall is
India’s 12th highest waterfall. The waterfall height is 244 meters or
801ft with an single drop. The waterfall long falling style and the side
dense forest is increasing the attracting point of this place. This
waterfall is one of the 2nd highest waterfall of Odisha. The waterfall
water source is small rivulet name is Korapani Nala.

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The waterfall creating an beautiful surrounding that every tourist can’t
forget this place beauty. The waterfall falling type is horse tail.
Motley the waterfall side natural forest is best for natural lovers to
get an amazing experience from this place. Also the Korapani Nala is
other attractive point of this place. The waterfall is straight like
Khanda dhar.

Khandadhar Waterfall

In the waterfall near by side Goddess Kanta is their. The Goddess Kanta
is known as deity for locality peoples. The Khandadhar hill range spread
over 133 hectares and also the hill structure attracting every tourist.
The waterfall is one of the best tourist place of Odisha. Also this
place is really an amazing spot of India because of the scenic beauty
and as well as the wonderful creations. The Khandadhar Waterfall is
creating an amazing beauty while it is falling to down position. Also in
this place an interesting story is their telling by the legend Pauri

Best time to Visit

The month October to March is the best time to visiting this place to get an amazing experience.

How to Visit

Road ways : National Highway 23 is connected to this place and this
place is nearest to Rourkela that is just 80km & Bonaigarh is 19 km
from this place. Also all types of road travel

facilities are connected to this place.

Rail ways : Nearest railway station is Sundergarh then you can easily visit this place.

Air ways : Nearest airport is Bhuabneswar then you can easily visit to this place.

Khandadhar Waterfall images

Where to Stay

An guest house is their for tourist. This guest house is under Paudi
Bhuyan Development Authority but in this guest house tourist only stay
in day time because their is no night watchman facilities are available.

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