Khanduala Waterfall of Odisha

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Khanduala Waterfall is located at Kalahandi district of Odisha. This
waterfall is best tourist place of this district. The waterfall is
dropping from the hill station with an small structure with an beautiful
surrounding. This waterfall is creating an place of beauty. Also this
place is best for picnic spot of Odisha. The side of the waterfall an
wildlife sanctuary is their name is Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary that is
one of the best tourist place of Odisha. Also this waterfall falling
from the top of the hill and in the top of the hill Goddess Khanduala
situated that is increasing the place beauty.

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Khanduala Waterfall

As per historical the Godess Khanduala situated in the top of the hill
and the waterfall start falling near side of the temple that’s why the
waterfall name is “Khanduala”. This place is getting thousands of
tourist every year because of this place is one of the best scenic
beauty place. So visit this place to know more details about the

How to Visit

Road ways : This place is 418 km from Bhubaneswar and 32km from
Bhawanipatna. Also all types of road travel facilities are connected to
this place.
Rail ways : The nearest railway station is Kesinga that is 35 km from this place.
Air ways : Nearest airport is Bhubaneswar then you can easily visit this place.

Where to stay

Their are some private hotels are their like Hotel Ruchi, Puspa Lodge, White House and many more hotels.

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