Ollywood Actress Aparajita Join Congress

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Ollywood famous actress Aparajita
Mohanty in the date of Feb 20th 2014 join Congress party. Mostly she was
announced in Feb 20 for joining the Congress. Mostly in before days
many ollywood actors are joins in the political party’s of Odisha. The
date of Feb 20th 2014 in Congress Bhawan ollywood actress announced that
for joining the Congress party. The Odisha Congress president Jayadev
Jena and Mohammad Moqim is present while the announcement.
After joing the party Olllywood
actress Aparajita Mohanty said that she was happy for joining the
national party and she said that I am happy for joining the Congress
party today. Also Odisha PCC president Jayadev Jena said that he was
welcome her in to the Congress party and also he was said that her
joining will give a boost to this party.

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