Khuludi Waterfall of Odisha

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The Khuludi Waterfall is located at Pal Lahara sub-division in Anugul
district of Odisha. The waterfall height is 15feet. The waterfall is
surrounded with small trees that is increasing the place beauty. The
waterfall is dropping in one way structure. The waterfall side also best
place for picnic spot. Mostly the dense forest in the waterfall side is
increasing the attraction point of this place. The waterfall water
flowing to a place where many bricks are there water is overflowing with
some trees. Also an Khuludi Temple is present near side to the
waterfall and there is also Vishnu and Durga Temple attached with the
Shiva Temple.
This place is the best for natural lovers to get an amazing experience.
The Khuludi Waterfall is creating an amazing surrounding that one can
feel it by visiting this place. Also the waterfall flowing in the lowest
layer where an small river created with the waterfall. Also the
mountain is increasing the attraction point of this place. Due to the
temple is side of the waterfall then its giving an good experience to
every visitor. Also thousands of devotees are visiting this place every
month because of the importance of this place. So visit this place to
know more about this place and get an experience about the beauty.

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Khuludi Waterfall

How to Visit

Road ways : All types of road travel facilities are connected to this place.

Rail ways : Nearest major railway station is Anugul.

Air ways : Nearest airport is Bhubaneswar.

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