Mahendragiri Hill of Gajapati District

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Mahendragiri hill is located at Gajapati district. The hill height is
5,000 feet and it is situated at the middle of eastern ghats  in the
paralakhemundi sub-division. The  Mahendratanaya river flow from the
hill in the east through Mandasa and joins the Bay of Bengal. Also many
legends are connected to this place named are Kalidas, Sarala Das and
Radhanath Ray. Mostly Mahendragiri is the place which surrounded with
three side by hills and trees. Also the surrounded forest is another
attraction point of this place and also many types of wildlife animals
are present in this forest that increasing the place beauty. The
Mahendratanaya river blue water giving an amazing beauty to this place.
The hill is also connected to Andhra Pradesh state of India.

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In this place three temples are present that are Kunti temple,
Yudhisthira temple, Bhima temple. The Kunti temple built on 12th century
A.D. and the temple construction style is rekha style without any
jagamohana or plinth. The Yudhisthira temple is situated on side of the
mountain and the temple construction style is really great to see. The
Bhima temple is built on after the Gupta period and also this temple is
one of the famous temple of this district. The hill is associated with
mythological stories from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. This place
also giving an historical importance of this district. As per the
historical moments the Gokarnesvara Sivalinga to Pandava brothers
visited a day. Also Mahendragiri hill is one of the famous hill of

Mahendragiri hill

Best time to visit : October to June

How to Visit

Road ways : This place is 126km from Brahmapur and 120km fro
Paralakhemundi. Also all types of road travel facilities are connected
to this district.

Rail ways : Nearest major railway station is Gajapati.

Air ways : Nearest airport is Bhubaneswar.

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