Tarang Cine Awards Winners 2014

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The Tarang Cine Awards is one of the popular film award ceremony
of ollywood film industry. Mostly in this award many cine stars are
joined from ollywood and also from other film industries. This Tarang
Cine Awards is presented by Tarang Television annually. The Tarang
entertainment television channel is one of the famous Odia channel in
Odisha. The 5th Tarang Cine Awards is held at Cuttack indoor stadium in
the date of March 9th 2014.
Also in this award ceremony many ollywood famous actors are given their
dance performances. Mostly this award ceremony is hosted by Buddhaditya,
Pupinder, Gungun, Pritiraj and Pinky. So check below Tarang Cine Awards 2014 Winners list.

Tarang Cine Awards 2014 Winners

Best Film : Hata Dhari Chalutha

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Best Director : Susant Mani  ( Film : Mu Eka Tumara )

Best Actor (M) : Anubhav Mohanty  ( Film : Hata Dhari Chalutha )

Best Actor (F) : Archita Sahu  ( Film : Mu Eka Tumara )

Best Singer (M) : Babushan ( Film : Daha Balunga )

Best Singer (F) : Trupti Das

Debutant Actor (M) : Amlan Dash  ( Film : Target )

Debutant Actor (F) : Sambhabana Mohanty  ( Film : Mu Raja Tu Rani )

Best Music Director  : Mihir Mohanty ( Film : Rumku Jhumana )

Negative Role (M)  : Pritiraj ( Film : ACP Sagarika )

Negative Role (F)  : Snigdha Mohanty ( Film : Tu Mo Suna Tu Mo Heera )

Best Child Actor  : Bhumika Dash ( Film : Rumku Jhumana )

Suppoting Actor (M) : Minaketan ( Film : Diwana Diwani )

Suppoting Actor (F) : Sadhana Parija ( Film : Rumku Jhumana )

Best Actor in Comic Role : Pintu Nanda ( Film : Diwana Diwani )

Best Lyrics : Arun Mantri

Best Dialogues : Bijay Malla  ( Film : Hata Dhari Chalutha )

Life Time Achievement :  Prashant Nanda

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