Utkal Gourav Madhusudan Das Biography

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Madhusudan Das is one of the famous
person of Odisha. Mostly he was born on 28 April 1848 and born in
Satyabhamapur village of Cuttack district. Madhusudan Das is popularly
known as Utkal Gourav Madhusudan Das. The means of Utkal Gourav is Pride
of Utkal. Also he was a Freedom Fighter. He is also created many types
of historical works for Odisha. In the year 1881 he was returning to
Odisha from Calcutta to starting legal practice.

Personal Life

Madhusudan Das father name is
Choudhury Raghunath Das and her mother name is Parbati Debi. In her
family he was getting her name is Gobindaballabh and later time her
family changed her name to Madhusudan. Madhusudan Das have a younger
brother name is Gopalballabh and two elder sisters. In after some time
Madhusudan adopted two Bengali girls and their name is Shailabala and
Sudhansubala Hazra.
Madhusudan Das early education started
in her village Satyabhamapur. He was complted her schooling in
Ravenshaw Collegiate School. In the year 1864 he was passed Entrance
examination and went to Calcutta for Higher Education. Also he was the
first odia person that he was complete B.A. and also he was completed
M.A. and B.L. degrees.

Short Biography of Madhusudan Das

Full name : Utkal Gourav Madhusudan Das

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Birth date : 28 April 1848

Birth place : Satyabhamapur

Father : Choudhury Raghunath Das

Mother: Parbati Debi

Period : 1848-1934

Contribution to literature

He was writeen many poets. He was
also written some famous poems are Utkal Santan”, “Jati Itihash” and
“Jananira Ukti” etc that are getting popularity in Odisha. He is also
written many other poets that are getting popularity.
He was sacrificed his whole life for the welfare of his country and people. He was died in 4 February 1934.

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