Village without doors Shialia of Kendrapada District

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The Shialia village is located at Kendrapada district of Odisha. This
village is famous for a Village without doors. The village original name
is  Si-Adia. Mostly the village is getting popularity because the
Goddess Kharakhai is protecting the village. As per locally people tell
that Goddess Kharakhai said to them to not built any doors at their
houses. Also as per devotees are believe that Maa Kharakhai is
protecting villages in every situations. This Shialia is the small
village of Kendrapada district. This place is getting thousands of
tourist every month because of the importance of this place.

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About of the Village

According to the devotees many years ago another religious person came
to this village and he was not believe on goddess. A day he was
constructed a house and fixed a door at the entrance of the house. Then
after some days her bullocks were died and in that time to this person
downfall started. This person was died in a sever disease. Also his name
was found in Revenue records as ‘Pathan Kiari’.

Maa Kharakhai

The Maa Kharakhai’s temple is located at the end of the village. The
temple don’t have any roof and Maa stays under the open roof of sky with
sunlit ( In odia language sunlit means khara) that’s why Goddess name
is Maa Kharakhai. Maa Kharakhai is always protecting the village from
every obstacles and barriers.
As per local peoples are said that since last five years in this village
no one complain to against any  villager. As per 2011 years the village
have only 150numer BPL card holders. Are you interested to know more
about this village then visit this beautiful place.

Short Details about the Village

Village name : Shialia
Block Name: Rajkanika
District: Kendrapada
Number of families: 32

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