Odisha get 7th Position in World Bank business Ranking

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Odisha is get seventh position in World Bank ranking system as best
business place. As per the information Gujarat is getting first position
in the World Bank business list. Also Odisha get 52.1% score for in the
business list. Odisha is getting a good position by compare to other
many other develop state like Delhi, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Punjab and
many other places. Andhra Pradesh state is in 2nd position in World
Bank business list. Many others states are get very low percent as per
the world bank business list. The Odisha percent world bank show a good
number for doing business and this is good for Odisha state.

The world bank is giving position is based on various steps that is
decided by officially. As per the source Arunachal Pradesh is in last
position and the state get 1.23 percent by world bank business list.
Another state that is West Bengal bagged the 11th position. world bank
business list some more states are Himachal Pradesh in 17th position,
Assam in 22 position, Tamil Nadu in 12th position, Bihar in 21st
position, Haryana in 14th position, Goa in 19th position, Delhi in 15th 
position, Kerala in 18th position and Punjab in 16th position. So world
bank listing is helping business man do business in states.

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