Odisha Marriage registration Now at Block levels and Panchayat

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Odisha state govt going to implement new process in marriage
registration service. Mostly Odisha govt decided to peoples get marriage
registration from panchayat and block levels. Tomorrow in a official
meting chaired by Chief Secretary Gokul Chandra Pati of a topic of  “protection and development of girl child and women“.
Also in this meting many other decisions are planned for implementing.
As per the Odisha State Policy for Girls and Women-2014 the Odisha task
force will visit each districts of Odisha in every month and collect all
types of information about what types of work is done in districts. As
per the information Nayagarh district is one of the highest record for
female foeticide.

Also govt very soon going to creating a special investigating team
for stop crimes against women and girls. Also govt going to identify
female construction worker to give all types of govt benefits.  In this
meting it is also decided that for creating toilets for women at highway
side, petrol pums, bus stops and otter many places. Now the marriage
registration is easy for getting the service at block levels and
panchayat. In this meting also many other decisions was taken for
implementing. So readers what your opinion about new process.

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