Odia month Names in English and Odia Language

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Odia month names in English language find here. Mostly in Odisha
all festivals are celebrated by following the Odia months. If you are
from Odisha then you must know this odia months details. The English
calendar is twelve months like Odia months also twelve months. In this
topic we will write all the odia months in English letter and also in
Odia letter. Is you are searching for Odia month names then just follow
or read the topic to get the details about it.

Odia Months Names in English Letter

1 Baisakha

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2 Jyestha

3 Asadha

4 Srabana

5 Bhadraba

6 Aaswina

7 Karttika

8 Margasira

9 Pausa

10 Magha

11 Falguna/Faguna

12 Chaitra

Odia Months Names in Odia Letter

Is you are know any other details about Odia month name then you can
just share the detils using below comment box to add this topic. Also
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