Chilka Lake Best Tourist place of Odisha

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Chilka Lake is the most famous tourist place of Odisha.
This place is popular in all over world. Chilka Lake water is brackish
lagoon and this is spread to the east cost of India. This place much
more popular for birds coming from other countries. Mostly this place is
also popular because of this is an Asia’s largest salt water lagoon and
it is separated from Bay of Bengal by sandy ridge. The lake is fully
spread upon 1100 square km in a unique Eco system with flora and fauna
in around the brakcish water. The loagoon is host over more than 160
species of birds in the migratory season. In the year 1981 the lake was
designated first wetland of international importance under the ramsar
convention. The lake is also popular for 226 species of fish and the

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Chilika lake
The chilika is also popular for getting much more popularity for her
natural beauty. If you are really interested to getting the real natural
beauty then you must visit this place to get the benefits of real
natural beauty. Also this place getting many tourist every year each

The larger lake separated by shallow channels and including parikud,
Nuapara, nalana, phulbari and Tampara. so you can also enjoy with this
things, so if you are interested to getting the real beauty of this
place you need to visit this place to finding the real natural beauty.
Mostly you can visit chilika lake by road ways, railway ways and other
ways because all traveling ways are available for visiting this place.

Photos of Chilika Lake

Chilika lake1

Chilika lake2

Chilika lake3

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