Kapilash Temple Famous Temple Of Odisha

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Kapilash TempleKapilash Temple is an Famous temple of Odisha.
This temple is not only popular in Odisa but also popular in other
states. Mostly the temple Kapilash is all about  Lord Chandrasekhar or
Shiva. The temple is fully pulled out with natural beauty with amazing
fill that you can’t finding any other areas. Also the temple most
attractive thing is 2,000+ steps lead to the main temple and also other
attractive thing is 12 ways of road ways that goes to this temple. Also
the temple other named as Kailash of Odisha.

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Mostly the temple is surrendered with Eastern Ghats, Kapilash is quite
picturesque. You will finding many types of small water falls are their
that’s look as an natural coolest scene. The temple of Narayana and
Viswanath is in the top of the hill. Also you will filling an amazing
experience while you are going to this place. The temple is 457 mts.
which is a legendary abode of Lord Siva.

The temple much more famous festival or Odisha famous festival is
Maha shiva ratri which is celebrated in February-March.. So visit in
this festival to get an real experience that you can’t forget. So visit
to Odisha of Kapilash Temple.

How to Visit Kapilash Temple

By Bus

Kapilash TempleDhenkanal disctrict of Odisha : 21km

Angul Disctrict of Odisha : 74km

Talcher to Kapilash Temple : 71km

Debagarh to Kapilash Temple : 144km

Bonaigarh to Kapilash Temple : 154km

By Rail

Dhenkanl to Kapilash Temple : 26km

By Air ways

Bhubaneswar airport to Dhenkanal Bus stand is just 100 km, so you can visit Kapilash from Dhenkanal to any bus, taxi etc.

Near Famous Places of Kapilash Temple

Kapilash Temple

Dear park to Kapilash Temple : 1.6m

Hill Area Near Kapilash Parbat  to Kapilash Temple : 9km

Sri Dattatreya sai Ashram to Kapilash Temple : 4km

Near Private Hotels in Kapilash Temple

Kapilash Temple

Hotel Sakuntala

Hotel Surya

Shrikrishna Lodging

Hotel Debakanya

All hotels are in Dhenanal town, so Dhenkanl to Kapilash Temple is just 21 km then you can easily get hotels in Dhenkanal.

Also don’t forget if you are visited this temple then what is your
experience write using our comment box and also if you are getting any
type of problem in this temple then kindly share us, So we can help you
to solving your problem.

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