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Savitri Brata Katha in Odia Free Download PDF/eBook

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Savitri Brata is mostly observed by married couple. Savitri Brata is
also known as Savitri Vrata or Savitri Amavasya. This festival is
celebrated in India and in Nepal. Mostly this festival is celebrated by
Odia and Maithil women. This is one of the Hindu festival. This brata is
cerebrated on odia month of Jestha. In Odisha people also popularly
said this festival as Sabitri Uwaans. In this article we have added Sabitri brata katha in oriya Book with PDF that will help you to know the details about this Savitri Osha.

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historical story is behind the Festival. The story is that Madra Desa
king name King Aswapati daughter name Savitri chosen a boy name is
Satyavan to marry. After some days Savitri left the place with her
husband Satyavan. After married Satyavan is living in forest with his
father name is Dyumatsen. One day while Satyavan cutting trees in
jungle, he is fell down from a tree. After some time the death god Yama
came to take Satyavan soul but Savitri said to Yama don’t separate from
her husband. Yama given back Satyavan to Savitri and also after some
days Satyavan get his lost kngdom. Readers you will get more details
about the story after you read the full book.

Savitri Brata Katha Odia Book Download PDF

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